3D Printing PP (Polypropylene)

PP (Polypropylene)

Functional filament with a wide range of applications

PP is a thermoplastic 3D printing filament and as well as being commonly used in daily life. PP filament is durable, break-resistant, fatigue-resistant, and semi-flexible. Parts that are 3D printed in PP are well-suited for uses that involve twisting, flexing, or bending. PP is also a contact-safe material for food, chemical, and medical applications, including orthopedic use due to its lightweight and low friction characteristics.

  • Excellent durability and toughness
  • Chemical resistance
  • Food safe
  • Lightweight
  • Semi-flexible and break-resistant


  • Functional parts
  • Medical and orthosis
  • Food contact safe production
  • Chemical and solvent resistant part
  • Prototyping and modeling