3D Scanning – Capturing the Details

High resolution 3D scanning with the Artec Eva

3D Scanning is the new gateway to possibilities for businesses and for individuals to quickly take the physical world and bring into the digital landscape. What this means is reverse engineering and geometric data capture is now efficient and economic for just about anyone. If the goal is to take an existing object such as the interior shape and texture of a car’s door because you want to create a custom speaker enclosure, it is easily done with a commercial grade 3D scanner. What if you need to capture the shape and curves of a motorcycle’s frame and other features upon which to design a new aftermarket accessory? This used to be a very time consuming and expensive challenge. It’s unlikely the manufacturer is going to hand over it’s CAD drawings. No problem. Let us capture the data for you in a fraction of the time and cost to do so any other way.

Are you a sculptor? In the past, once your small scale model is completed and you are ready to present it for approval, you were limited by the physical world. Pack it up? Take it with you? Send photos? Now you can quickly and effortlessly capture the model with all of its minute detail. With the digital model, it can be viewed from any angle. It can be zoomed in to see and appreciate the level of effort put forth to create it. Whether the viewer is next door or half way around the world.

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