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3D Scanning / Reverse Engineering Services

Expertise to help you capture digital models of small or large objects

3D Scan Drop-off Service
3D Scan Drop-off Service

Our 3D Scanning Experts will scan your object at our office and provide you with a 3D file format of your choosing.

You can drop off or ship your object to our office in St. Louis, MO. We will scan and return your object.

3D Scan at Your Location
3D Scan at Your Location

Our 3D Scanning Experts will scan your object(s) at your location. After returning, we will process the scan(s) and provide you with a 3D file format of your choosing.

Please go through our cost calculator to receive a quote for your project.

Capturing data is as easy as 1-2-3

Using advanced equipment and software we can provide you with a digital representation of your physical object

3D Scan Your Object
13D Scan Your Object
No need to prepare your object in advance, we will capture your object with a point and shoot Artec 3D scanner, without the need to attach markers.
Fuse & Optimize
2Fuse & Optimize
We will optimize the size of your file by reducing the number of polygons from millions to thousands while maintaining the high quality of the mesh.
Texturize & Export Your File
3Texturize & Export Your File
We will then add high quality texture to your model and export the model to a file compatible with your CAD/CAM system. Including SOLIDWORKS®, Siemens NX®, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor®, PTC Creo® and Pro/ENGINEER®

3D Scanning Applications

Here are typical reasons why customers use our 3D Scanning Service

Reverse Engineering
Whether you have a part to reproduce for which no drawing or 3D model exists, or you need to quickly redesign or simply modify an existing part and either mill or 3D print it; we can make it happen for you. Accelerate your design, prototype, and production cycle by weeks and save thousands in the process.
Quality Inspection
Across a variety of industries, there is a growing need for ensuring that product quality levels are as high as possible. Delivering extremely-high-precision scans provides 3D measurements that are among the best in today’s cutting edge scanners, providing comprehensive part inspection.
Art, Heritage & Design
The benefits of 3D scanning in the art world are boundless. Sculptures can quickly and accurately be converted to 3D. Both for preservation as well as accurate infinite scale reproduction. Effortlessly go from clay model to final sculpture.
People, Games, CGI
We can create a digital replica of yourself to create a custom 3D avatar. We also provide digital assets for the game, visual effect and 3D visualization industries by scanning people, or existing physical models.

We use Artec 3D Scanners

The industry leader in 3D scanning technology

Used in countless industries
Including quality control, automotive, medicine, heritage preservation, computer graphics, design, forensics, education, reverse engineering and architecture.
Extremely Accurate
Scan in brilliant colour and high resolution, processing up to two million points per second with up to 0.1mm accuracy.